Allowing Ease and Grace

We all will, us and our children.
We recognize when we see a caterpillar, it will form its cocoon and when timing is perfect it will emerge, more beautiful than we could have imagined.

From my perspective our children are no different.
If we can begin to see ourselves and our children in a transformational state, allowing a natural course of growth and awareness to take place, an acclimation of sorts.

Certainly you can do what feels best in the way of diet, therapy, doctors, etc. as long as you are feeling within you it is the best motion forward. I am not about sitting on my hands and just waiting however we only do what feels best for Connor and our entire family. The rest of the time we ‘allow’ life to take place in ease and grace.

With great love and appreciation for your willingness to contemplate this,
Tracie ~ ♥



  1. I read this, and thought oft daughter cocooned on bedrest till second daughter arrives, she’s missing summer, the world, everything,
    Looking forward to her butterfly time!

  2. Do you blog with supertucksmama?
    Hilarious mother of a five yr old autistic son,
    She is a great read !

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