Appreciation in Baby Steps

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

A decade ago I would not have been able to find anything to be grateful for or to appreciate. I was in a pretty deep, dark place of despair.
I began little by little.
Appreciating the air that filled my lungs, the sun came up and I did not need to do anything in regard to the sun rising but try to do my best to appreciate its presence.
Little by little more was shown to me to appreciate, a random butterfly that would come right in front of me as if to say, “Look at me, look at me!” A breeze which caught me off guard yet gave me such delight.

The more I did this, the more that was shown to me, pretty soon I was able to lift my head up enough to appreciate my children and all they did including our little Connor, which was amazing to me.
I was appreciating this child even though he still had autism.

Shifts do not come swift and quick but the desire to shift is a wonderful beginning!
Tracie ~ ♥


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