Front Row Seats

Photo from a circle of stones blogspot, with appreciation.We have front row seats to something we are not privy to yet, as I speak with each parent, I can feel the momentum amplifying. These children, this population diagnosed with autism/AWEtism are changing the way we see, do, ‘feel’ and live so much on a daily, moment to moment basis.

Each parent I speak with who simply asks a question of how can I find my way into his/her world, creates a ripple effect like no other in the world and the ripples are happening everywhere and overlapping, creating a network of love, unconditional love that has never been experienced on our planet before!

When I am asked how I can be excited at the high numbers of children with this diagnosis, THIS is why. From my perspective, nothing has gone wrong, everything is going right. These children and adults are a purer form of human being which is why we must be cautious what we inject into their bodies, what food they ingest, and what emotions we experience within their presence because they ‘feel’ their way through life.

One hundred years ago, they could not show up on our planet because the vibration of the planet, of the people on our planet was so dense, think about the time of the depression for example and the majority feeling such great despair. Now, we are raising the frequency of love and more are ‘able’ to show up because the environment is more conducive, not perfectly conducive which is why many experience negative behaviors but as we all become aware of our thoughts, reaching for better feeling thoughts, becoming aware of the fact that WE have control over how we feel and the direction of our thoughts and no one or nothing else, only our own thoughts and feelings, we can create an environment of calm, ease and grace. With each parent, teacher and caregiver who goes within, finds stillness within and a reverence to be shared with these children and adults, now they are able to interact in ease and grace with this population.
Love, Tracie ~ ♥


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