Embracing the Control Freak in us

Connor loves to be the one to ‘do’ things. Turn on the coffee pot, the washer/dryer, the tea kettle, the heater, the air conditioner, open the garage door, open and shut the front door when anyone comes it…..just a little bit of a control issue. We are working on these, sometimes he gets to do it, sometimes we get to do it. He is learning to let go of his need to control and doing all of it. So this evening, mom wanted a cup of tea. I asked Connor if he would like to turn the tea kettle on this time?
Connor: Oh yes, Thank you mom.
Me: Thank you for helping buddy.
Connor takes a glass from the cupboard and goes to the refrigerator for some cold water. As it is pouring he says, “Oh yes, I want nice, cold water to drink, delicious!”

When I think back, I smile so easily now because I never thought early on, I would have the pleasure of experiencing this nice calm child….almost a teen, hearing his words, they are ‘his’ words, not perfect according to some but perfection within my eyes because they sound so beautiful! Understanding how far we have come allows me to recognize we are unlimited in how far we can go which creates such ease within me, just as it should be.
Love and limitless,
Tracie ~ ♥


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