Happy Independence Day or is it Dependance Day?

My very funny brother-in-law, one of four brothers and they are all funny, told everyone ‘Happy Dependence Day’ in reference to his views of the current political scene, which I admit I laughed at his humor and then it made me think about how so many of us on are so dependent on other people to create our own happiness.

One of my biggest life lessons thus far is from our almost 13 year old son Connor, diagnosed with autism in 2001. It is the lesson of unconditional love. What is unconditional love and its meaning to you?

Definition of Unconditional Love:   affection with no limits or conditions; complete love

So, why has this been my biggest lesson? Because in order for me to embrace this child fully, in order for me to love him completely and unconditionally I needed to move past my desire to change him or his disability, to fully and completely allow him to BE who he came forth to be, even if it was different than what I hoped at one time. For so long the vast majority were simply unaware we can choose to be positive no matter what we are observing and the more positive we are the more we will begin to observe things that are more pleasing to us. We have so much power within our brilliant minds that seems to have been suppressed, well the secret is out and more and more people are beginning to understand more fully the power of our thoughts!

This is what I have learned from our Connor. He has taught me how to shift my thoughts in the direction of what feels good. Whenever I am feeling discomfort I now know I am the one, the only one who can shift my focus in a way I will feel better and what is more incredible is, as I shift my focus towards better feeling thoughts, Connor reflects my positive outlook as well!

Now think of how so many people desire others to change how they act or what they do so circumstances will change and then they can feel better. It never lasts because no one can bend over backwards enough to make anyone else happy all the time, living in this way makes you dependent on everyone else for your happiness. We are the only ones who can make ourselves happy and once you show this to yourself, now you will not need anyone else to change, be or act differently so you can feel better!

We all have the ability to reach for better feeling thoughts, you can shift how you feel within.
Love and long live independence, Tracie ~ ♥


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