Pool Therapy?

Connor mid-flight, first time in our new in-ground pool, 2009.Pool-time therapy if you want to call it that, began more than a decade ago after Connor’s diagnosis to ‘beat the heat’. We recognized he interacted with the family more playfully in those early days and made a great ‘connection’ with his daddy, within the pool. Up until that time I was his main intermediary and overly exhausted.

It started out as a small blow up pool big enough for us, my husband and I to sit in while our little ones played. Each year it became a larger and larger above ground pool and finally 3 years ago we put an in-ground pool in! It served us two-fold, to beat the heat and connecting with our Connor on deep levels!

I have found you do not need to spend a lot of time and money on therapies, certainly do only what you believe will be of benefit but not out of a feeling of fear or angst. Quality time, moments where you connect with your precious little one without placing expectations or conditions on them will create incredible moments connecting you with one another and will have far more benefits than hours of therapy where your child is anything but happy in the process.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥



  1. “Quality time” really does define itself for each family! I’m so happy that you have found it for your family.

  2. Totally true…. What a lovely, positive post. My son has been enjoying the benefits of water therapy for most of his life. At the age of 16 he now enjoys training with the junior Special Olympics swim team in Summer. It’s does wonders for both his body and his soul. So glad your lovely one enjoys the water too = )

  3. I’m glad you found something that works for you and your family. From the picture, it looks like a great time.

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