Rock Bottom

We all have heard of ‘rock bottom’, we all have our own version or story of ‘rock bottom’.
Mine was an emotional rock bottom, I was not about to live my life in despair, sadness or anger about what I perceived as a disability that was happening to our son and our life.
I knew I had to find a different way……..and I did.
I released guilt, anger, blame, sadness, as many negative emotions as I could and found my own personal freedom and empowerment, recognizing it was a choice for me, which road did I want to take.
One that felt good, with love, unconditional love, appreciation, joy, happiness, ease and grace or one that did not.
The answer became very clear to me.

Does that mean Connor or I never have difficult days?
Not at all, but, now I know those days are offering me more clarity about how I choose to live, I lower my expectations of myself and others, do what I must do and take it easy the rest of the day.
Mornings are always brighter!
Oh the bright future we are building on a rock solid foundation of positive emotions.
Joy IS the Key!
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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