Why are they here?

This population diagnosed with autism, reminds me of an amplified human being, all of the 5 senses we all have are heightened and their sixth sense…..perhaps more, is heightened as well.
They are trying to get all of us to remember who we really are, brilliant, powerful creators of our life experience.

When we do our best to push forward without becoming mindful and heart-centered, this is when we will witness our children pushing against us, becoming more agitated or frustrated. When we go within in meditation or prayer, in calm and stillness and then interact with them, they will feel a very different energy from us, when they feel a calmer energy from us, we will witness this reflection within them.

As we take the time to become balanced and centered, we will come to know ourselves on a deeper level than ever before, they way we intended all along.
We are so much more than what we see in these physical bodies, we are spiritual beings, enjoying a physical life experience and so many of us have forgotten how worthy we are of a blissful life, accepting what generations have told us, we must struggle to get anything in life.

This incredible infusion of so many children coming forth is for a greater purpose, they are here to remind us of the importance of reconnecting to who we really are, no question!! How do I know? Because this is what I am learning from Connor and what so many other parents are witnessing and observing within their lives, as they do, life begins to flow easily and has so much meaning. When you get that and begin to witness and observe this, they will knock your socks off with their teaching and facilitating of our remembering!!
Love, Tracie ~ ♥


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