To Face Reality or Not, that is the question…..

I must admit, I was once a face reality girl, just because I now live a life of joy and happiness, some think I know nothing of suffering and by no means do I intend to judge another.
The more I faced reality, the more despair and depressed I became, so much so I had a fleeting thought of taking my own life, the ultimate facing of reality I suppose. The more difficulty I felt and lived, Connor mirrored my discomfort perfectly in the way of negative behaviors, screaming, kicking, biting, pinching, running away from me or anyone. He even took a walk on the freeway when he was very little. We were plummeting into a dark abyss.
I do know about suffering although because of where I have been, I now know what IS possible when I began to shift my own thoughts, moment by moment, thought by though, day by day, month by month and now year by year.

As I began to shift what I was living within, to my absolute SHOCK, Connor began to shift as well. We began a dance of balance and shift unlike anything I have every witnessed or ever heard of in my entire life. And so, now I do not like to nor do I look in the direction of reality unless it is pleasing. I know for certain I create my reality with the thoughts I think and the most magnificent thing in all of this is, I will simply stand as a beacon for anyone who desires living a happy, comfortable, content dare I say blissful life because I KNOW with every fiber of my being it is possible and I do not need to convince anyone of anything.

Whether they choose to shift their thoughts or not, they are perfect in their expression of their life and I appreciate what they are living because it offers me clarity in what I desire fully and completely!! In love and appreciation for all that I have lived, Tracie ~ ♥


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