Why there is no ‘one’ cure for all ~

Use your intuition you are gifted with naturally to guide you in all things within your life. Take action or not, with diets, therapies or anything for your child only if it feels right within your gut, not because others are telling you it is the right thing to do.

There is no ‘one’ correct action to take, only what ‘feels’ best within each of us and it will be different for each individual child/family.

Something I know to be truth from deep within myself, my own intuition Connor has facilitated a remembering within me. For many years my intuition lay dormant within me, covered up by what others thought I should be doing or not, giving away my own empowerment within.

There is no ‘one’ cure, which is why no one has found the cure.
We have all given away our power as a whole, which is why more of these children are coming forth.
We put out a collective call if you will, to the Universe or that which I call God, to understand and remember who we really are within, not the layers we have covered ourselves with by acquiescing to the whims of others and we have been heard.
Our children will help us remember who we are within, if we are willing to relax enough, be still long enough to remember who we really are.

It IS about your journey within and only you and your child hold the key to shifting life around you.
As you shift your awareness, your understanding that indeed nothing has gone wrong, but everything has gone right, you are privileged and in fact honored to parent this precious being who will help facilitate your awareness, your understanding within yourself, you will notice a shift around you.
Stay fluid in their rigidity, for there is a lesson to learn when they stand firm within their way of BEing.

My love and my complete belief in you and your precious child,
Tracie ~ ♥


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