What I wish for all parents to know ~

Question: What would you wish for all parents to know if you could share just one nugget of information?

Tracie: I would wish for all parents to understand how closely connected, energetically and vibrationally we are to one another, we all reflect or mirror one another so perfectly. This goes for all of humanity however, our children diagnosed with autism have the ability to interpret and amplify the energy or vibration they sense around them. Science can explain this academically for those who need proof, I have the ability to interpret it because I live it. I was not always aware of this, but through a bit….actually a lot of trial and error, I found my balance and a deeper understanding. Connor was/is lovingly and sometimes not so lovingly, my most profound teacher in all of this.

When I was angry, sad, blaming everyone and everything, when I embodied/embody any negative emotion, his behaviors would reflect that, not that I or anyone else is to be blamed for the diagnosis of autism, this ability to amplify energy is a byproduct of the gifts our children offer all of us. The more out of balance my emotional body was, Connor would mirror, reflect or amplify this for me. As I found my own balance within, becoming mindful of how Tracie was feeling, I came to understand, as I reached for better feeling thoughts, the more I tried to feel better, he began to reflect that as well. Connor cared not only how I was feeling, but more importantly it was as if he was making certain “I” knew how I was feeling, in my own awareness of my emotions, now I had/have the ability to shift my focus to better feeling thoughts. As I began to embody peace and ease, Connor began to reflect it beautifully in my presence. As this awareness came over me, my husband was able to witness first-hand the ripple effect we all had on each other. We now do our best to live in a way that is full of contentment, peace, love and ease within our home and we work at it, daily.

Having said this, I do not desire any of my parent friends to feel blame, judgment or guilt whatsoever for that is not my intention and those are negative emotions your child can and will react to. My intention is to bring an awareness within others, a deeper understanding, a knowing for all, our children ‘feel’ their way through life. When Connor ‘felt’ my negative emotion, he did not know how to react to it, or what to do with that negative energy he was feeling and his behaviors became amplified, as his discomfort amplified, my discomfort amplified. It was a never-ending cycle until I began to play with this new-found understanding.

As I began to understand this,as I began to move past my own discomfort, my own anger, guilt, shame and blame or any negative emotion no matter what name you give the emotion that does not feel good, I began to understand more fully how connected we are to one another. Does this mean, in my awareness now, we never have ‘bad days’? Not at all, we are all beautifully human and we are always given the opportunity to fine-tune our lives. As I embodied calm, ease, relaxing in this understanding, knowing fully this is why he was here, to assist his mom, to facilitate an awareness within me of a mindful way of being, of living, of loving myself and everyone unconditionally, his behaviors became soothed, this is a gift this population offers humanity if we are willing. As I became more present, filled with ease and calm, we began having a wonderful time together. SMILING so BIG right now! My love and awareness, Tracie ~ ♥


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