A Lesson in Allowing ~

Many of our children, especially those diagnosed with autism, know with great clarity what they desire. Connor knows what he likes and wants without question, some may say he is persistent. I prefer to soften that and say he simply knows what he likes and wants, as do we all. We, especially adults, have simply learned to acquiesce to others easily because we have been trained to do what we are told.

When I finally surrendered to ease, in all things but on practical terms to something like allowing potty training to take its natural course, rather than doing my best to ‘make’ him do what I wanted him to do, I was amazed at how this began to shift in many ways, including his desire to be potty trained. Once I stopped ‘trying’, he decided it was time.
Whenever we seemingly ‘butt heads’ it may take me a few times but, as I shift how I perceive things, allowing a natural order, a natural ease, a natural flow, things ALWAYS shift for the better.
Love, Tracie ~ ♥

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