I am becoming more AWEtistic Everyday!

Dearest Friends,

I am loving how I am becoming more like Connor.
At one time, all I wanted to do was obliterate autism from our life.
Never, never ever would I have thought when he was first diagnosed in 2001, I would have come to view or perceive life in this way.
We tried everything and anything to rid ourselves from this so-called disorder.

During that time, I became more depressed and stressed and Connor, being the sensitive, in-tune being he is, reflected that back to me perfectly.
When ‘we’, (meaning Connor and Tracie, doesn’t matter who started it) had a meltdown, we had a “meltdown”.
The thought of those emotions makes my tummy turn right now because it is so far removed from who I am now.Over many years of shifting and fine-tuning, embracing a new way of being which includes this life of what many call autism, I am finding I am becoming more like Connor in so many ways and it is not a bad thing at all as one might perceive, in fact I LOVE it.
I am becoming more ‘awetistic’ everyday!
He is teaching me to ‘BE’ in the moment.
I am becoming more in-tune with life and within me.
To become mindful on purpose.
To find reasons to please me, not others.
To find my own balance within and then I have more to give.
To view life through a positive lens.
To focus upon something I LOVE with all of my heart.
To allow judgment of self and others to fall away.
To love myself and others unconditionally, to name just a few.
The more willing I am to be his student, the more I am enjoying life……’in-joying’ life.
In Joy,
Tracie ~ ♥


  1. I love this. Our perspectives on autism and life help our children and help us so much. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I always love to see wonderful positive appreciations of autism like this from other parents. thank you for sharing!

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