Living from the Heart ~

Our precious three children!

I thought I was supposed to be their teacher, teaching them the ways of the world, what to do and not do, be and not be………

Of course we guide them to a certain extent but, they have taught me far more about how to be the person I was born to be….

How to live the way I desire living…..
How to be a better person I could only have dreamed of being……..

Their lessons have nothing to do with financial gain, how to get ahead in life or how to acquire more of anything, it is all about how to live and view all of life through my heart.
A heart-centered, mindful way of being with more value than the wealthiest human being on our planet has ever acquired or could ever hope to acquire.

They have taught me so much more in their young lives than I could ever teach them in a lifetime!

With great LOVE and appreciation,
Tracie ~ ♥


1 Comment

  1. Jose Marquez

    Lyrica teaches us, “Child is asking to be treated with Spiritual Values, not with old world thinking that safety lies in money and success..Loss of Soul connection is the same as loss of Intuition..Mast on Intuition is LOVE.”…..So, Tracie, YOU are there……peace

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