You are what you think about NOW!

How often do you allow things you dislike about your past into your now?

How often do you allow the thoughts you do not want to have happen into your now?

When you give your attention/thoughts/vibration/energy to anything in this moment, you are including it in your experience now. Those moments in your life you deem as hurtful, harmful, or unjust were only an opportunity for your growth and expansion as a human being. You never meant to continue to carry it forward with you, holding onto it like luggage you do not want. As you ponder it, think about it, holding the experience or another person as your excuse to not feel good in this NOW moment, you are not allowing yourself to FEEL wonderful or content in this now moment.

If you are blaming another person or event for your past, present or future, you are handing your creative power within your now experience. You are holding yourself apart from all things you desire, from contentment, from joy, from feeling good. You think it is because of a person from your past, an old friend, parent, grandparent or a previous event but it is not, they are only the excuse your rational mind is using. It is you, in your now, continuing to think/focus/adding energy to your now experience.

Let it all go. Anything that does not feel good, say “Thank you for the expansion and release it.” Only you can let it go, if you want to feel good, you must be the one to do it. No one else can or will bend over backwards enough to satisfy you because they were never meant to do so. YOU are the only one who has the power to release old hurt, anger, resentment, hate, frustration and blame. It will take some practice, but you can do it. Begin to focus on all things that feel wonderful and turn your attention from what does not and allow it to fall away from your experience. You are not your past or your future, you are not what other people say you are or believe about you. You are what YOU think about in this moment. LOVE, Tracie


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