So what is ‘my’ job?

As a mother of three children, I found out long ago I cannot control them. I cannot control what or who comes into their experience nor can I control what they do or do not do. If you had asked me twenty years ago if I was a ‘control freak’ I would have laughed and said, “No way!” I remember when our first-born was getting her diaper changed by someone else other than me, thinking….‘they are doing it wrong!’ In that moment, I heard the voice of a dear friend say, “Tracie, in the big picture, does it really matter?” It did not, even though the diaper was not placed on correctly from my perspective, it did the job. That was my first realization I had a little bit of ‘control freak’ in me and a mini lesson in the art of allowing things to BE, in releasing control over the uncontrollable.

Fast forward 17 years, three teens, high school and autism in our lives and I am still learning to release control over the uncontrollable.  My children are and always have been my most profound teachers. As we drove to school this morning, I could feel, see and sense discomfort in one of my teens. I reminded all of them including myself, I wish I could make everything perfect for you. I wish I could feather your nest and make everything in life smooth for you but I cannot and I also know from broader or source perspective, none of us were born into this physical body expecting everything to be perfect, we wanted adventure, growth and expansion, all of the wonderful things being beautifully human has to offer.

All I can do is become mindful from within, stay calm and balanced as often as I am able; making that state of BEing a priority for myself and then I have the ability to radiate that calm balanced state of BEing for my children. I can take time remember the incredible beings we each are beyond this physical time and space even if for a moment I am observing something very different that may not feel good. I can remember how loved we all are by the Universe, Source, All that is or that which I call God. It is my job to stay centered for Tracie and as I do, I can stand as a beacon for my family in those times they may not be as balanced. That is my job.
My LOVE, calm and mindful way of BEing,


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  1. Tracie, I needed to hear this. While reading, I heaved a deep involuntary sigh of relief. Thank you,

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