Autism; The Paradigm Shift

It is my perspective we all desire a life of Joy, Peace, Calm, Ease, Grace, Happiness, Bliss and Contentment within our lives. We all know how much we adore and love our children and would do anything for them, so doesn’t it make sense, in order to achieve this, God, the Universe, All that is, whatever you may call your Source, would send our children to assist us in accomplishing this?
But why and how, when some of our children diagnosed with autism are often uncomfortable within their physical bodies and lives will we achieve this?

If they are highly sensitive as I know they are, all 5 senses are amplified, which is why they must cover their ears or close their eyes to shut out excess stimuli. Many need occupational therapy because they often have difficulty ‘being’ in their bodies or ‘appear’ awkward as we observe them. They often need to ingest certain foods that are more natural and restrict ‘man-made’ products. They are sensitive to medication and vaccines.
They are more in-tune or in alignment than we are with the ‘sixth sense’ we are coming to learn more and more about because we must if we are to interact with them on a meaningful level.

Our children often exhibit negative behaviors when demands are placed on them that go against their desire to ‘feel’ good, content, happy and calm.
We their parents, family, teachers, aides, doctors and bystanders offer a vibration/thought/energy to their behavior which is often of frustration, anger, sadness or some negative response or observation to their behavior which builds up over time like building blocks. This is why some of their behaviors can often become more extreme as they grow older because of their sensitivity to emotion, theirs or ours. It is also why some have more negative behaviors with certain people or environments depending on the energy this population comes into contact with. If however, we were to accept who they are, love them unconditionally which means we do not need them to change who they are so we can feel better. If we as observers can become calm and neutral when they are having a difficult time, rather than adding more negative energy to their discomfort, become more mindful and balanced within to help soothe the energy between us as we interact with them; life can truly become a joy-filled experience.

It is becoming crystal clear to me, all of the shifts and changes we are making within the home, schools and out in public in an effort to create a conducive environment for these children and adults are all changes and shifts of quality that everyone within the family enjoys. We are living a far more harmonious life within our home than we were 15 years ago. We enjoy family time together, quiet time, joy-filled times and a more loving, nurturing environment more of the time than many families with ‘typical’ children. It is true, many of the changes were not always easy but since we have made the decision to shift how we live our lives, focusing on quality rather than quantity, calm and ease instead of chaos, mind-filled and balanced over frustration, anger and judgment, our life has become extraordinary. Perhaps as we deviate from what is considered ‘the norm’ because we must, we are actually shifting into a quality of life we may never have enjoyed without this magnificent population.
My love,


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