The life that is waiting ~

No truer words have ever been felt within my heart.
Early on after the diagnosis of autism, I held on with all of my might to continue living what I thought was the ‘perfect’ life and yet, I recognized nothing was working.
I was stressed and began taking medication for depression, Connor was visibly stressed in his actions and negative behaviors and our family was unhappy.

When I finally surrendered to autism, out of complete exhaustion body and soul, I made the decision to embrace rather than push against it, smile rather than cry, LOVE instead of hate….there are no other words than to say, my live began to open up incredibly.
It was as if as I began to embrace this child unconditionally, there was a shift that took place within our lives. It was as if and now I know for certain it was because, Connor was waiting for me to make the discovery……As I began to embrace my child with unconditional love, a life with more depth and richness became available not only to me but to our Connor and the entire family.
LOVE and embracing all that life offers,
Tracie ~ ♥


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