To Remember Your Brilliance


Every facet of your life is unfolding exactly as it needs to for you to come into the fullness of who you are ♥ ~ Panache Desai

I would have groaned BIG time or rolled my eyes, (perhaps like you just did?) more than a decade ago if someone said this to me. How can having a child with autism or any life changing diagnosis create or help me remember the brilliance of who I AM, who WE ALL ARE?

And yet, I now know with everything I am, it was part of a divine plan to help facilitate a remembrance with me of how important, brilliant and divine we all are!

Whether or not you choose a path less traveled is your free will and absolutely no judgment is offered here or beyond.From my perspective, the secret to life is to devour those precious moments right here and now. We get to choose how we view or perceive each moment and how we move forward in life.


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