A Message of Hope

Fear is a beautifully human trait but as we have observed from previous generations, we can acknowledge, fear does not move us forward, it holds us back, capturing us forever in limbo or slow progress moving forth. Fear perpetuates the problem. Living from the heart, through the heart, moves worlds and brings us easily to a solution.

I have always known a magnificent connection to Source, the Universe, All-that-is or that which I call God, but nothing shifted my inner world more profoundly than having a child with autism, which is why I know for certain why Connor came forth into my experience. For most of my life, I silenced what I knew and felt because I did not want to be ridiculed by peers and because I feared getting into trouble for expressing what I knew and felt since it was not what I was being taught in school and church.
To make my way into Connor’s world, I had to become still, mindful, quiet within if I were to interact with him, a calm, neutral way, free from judgment and worry. I had to reconnect with all I knew as a young girl but suppressed. Better said, I had to release and let go of everything I allowed to cover who I really am, who we all really are. I had to clear my mind of thoughts that no longer served me. Connor has the ability to sense my negative emotion which I learned by trial and error. When I was worried, he could sense it and react with a negative behavior and I would back off and try again by clearing my mind, re-focus and/or focusing on the positives.
Connor has taught me how to communicate without words, beyond words. A rhythm in life that serves us very well and is available to ALL of us.
I would have never had to learn this if he had been verbal all of his life. I am amazed, if Connor had not ‘lost’ his ability to communicate with speech and language, I would not have embarked on this journey. I wanted with ALL of my heart to have meaningful interactions with our son, I had to find my way into his world. I had to connect with him, heart to heart, to quiet all of the outside noise and clutter and embrace the quiet, the stillness, the silence.
I am just a mom who has had extraordinary experiences because of this little boy diagnosed with a so-called disability, called autism. This little boy rocked my world and opened up my heart in ways only a child could. I love him so much, I was willing to think outside the box to connect and communicate with him.
We ALL have this ability it just took my son being diagnosed with autism for me to ‘get it’ or was it a chosen life path, an agreement of sorts made long ago by two souls to help his mommy awaken?!
So many incredible therapists, teachers and aides have had these experiences as well working with our children, ‘a-ha’ moments or what many may call miracles and yet they are apprehensive in speaking openly about it because they have worked so hard to get where they are and fear losing respect from their fellow faculty members and peers. I express absolutely no judgment for them only love and I completely understand and believe this is one of the many factors of why there is an awakening underway around the world and why this population diagnosed with autism is one of the many facets within this movement.

Well, who is to express this then?  I will!   I will share my extraordinary experiences, my miracles, my life, my knowing and connect with those who have found their inner voice with their chosen path in life, their inner peace, going within, living through the heart. Yes some call it prayer but not in an effort to make anything happen, there is no effort required other than to simply and only find that blissful inner peace that is available to all of us.

Story by story, moment by moment, we can share our magnificent experiences with our children until miracles become the norm and everyone can and will express what they have come to know. I so appreciate I feel no desire to convince anyone of anything, another beautiful byproduct of finding peace within and yet I will stand as a beacon for others who are coming into an awareness they cannot explain or express.

With great LOVE and Appreciation, Tracie ~ ♥



  1. Reblogged this on traciecarlos and commented:

    I am still learning so much from this child, ahem, adult.
    Life can truly become miraculous.

  2. karenwilliams538171610

    It’s wonderful how Connor brought you to the place of reconnecting with who you truly are, Tracie. Beautiful indeed!

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