TO BE (mindful or) NOT TO BE

That is the question……….. “^.^”

It is a wonderful question or thought to ponder or consider about a conscious shift to be mindful within our busy lives is subtle, from my perspective, is well worth contemplation.

It is SO very easy as a busy parent to rush through moments to ‘get things done’ without taking time to become mindful, centered and balanced within, add a beautiful child diagnosed with autism to the mix and the word challenging often does not cover the depth of feeling overwhelmed we often experience.
And yet, from my perspective, if we take just a moment to re-focus, take a deep breath, remind ourselves of who we are doing this for and why… allows us to enjoy a moment of love which shifts our focus from unconscious to consciously moving through our day or at least a few moments of our day.

LOVE and mind fully aware… least in this ‘now’ moment, Tracie ~ ♥


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