“Is this what you prefer Dear One?”

This current time and space has become so interesting from my perspective.  I am seeing and feeling so much of my past coming into my experience, as I observe this it is as if, because from my perspective it is, I am being given, we are all being given, the opportunity to pick and choose whether or not to allow those old memories and experiences which includes those old emotions, into my/our now experience or we can appreciate the contrast they served and allow them to simply fall away.

It is as if God or the Universe is saying, “Here is a memory from your past Dear One, is this what you choose? Is this what you prefer? Is this true? Is this your truth or theirs?” We can tell by the way we feel within if it is something we want to continue in our experience or release it.
We are all being given this opportunity to choose how we want to show up in this life experience, now and moving forward. The old saying, “You can’t take it with you” applies to this shift in energy, I am not speaking of material items, I am speaking of those past grudges, negative emotions or ‘perceived’ skeletons in the closet of your past. Those feelings of inadequacy, feeling less than or wrong simply because another person offered this as their opinion of you. It is time to make the decision for yourself, releasing all that no longer serves you so you can uncover the brilliance of who you really are.

You have the ability within to know and recognize when another offers an opinion of you, it is a reflection of what they have going on within themselves. It is their truth as they see it, you then can either, take it in as your truth or recognize it is not your truth and turn your attention upon what is your truth, preference or desire. If they are judgmental of you, this is amplifying their own judgment of self. If they feel the need to speak poorly about you, please understand this says everything about the discomfort they are living within their own life and using you as the excuse.

So much clarity is being offered right now and you get to choose what to include in your now by your focus or attention to it. You get to choose. When something comes up from this moment forward remember, it is the Universe, Source, All that is or God saying, “Is this what you want dear one?” If you want to include it, say “Yes please, more of this please!” and focus your attention upon it. If it is not something you want, do your best to focus upon what you do want and allow the unwanted to simply fall away.

Appreciating the clarity of NOW, Tracie


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