Reach for the Stars

Whether many are aware of it or not which is perfectly OK no matter where you are, we are unequivocally moving into a time of awakening from my perspective. We all have a role to play in this transformation of awakening.

This population diagnosed with autism can and will shift our inner world as well as our outer world.
This is why so many children and adults are having difficulty integrating or ‘being’ in their physical bodies, or appear different as we observe them, a sort of acclimation period. They are a ‘purer’ form or higher vibration than their parents and majority of the general population. We are all vibration, everything around us is vibration as scientists will tell you. We are SO good at interpreting vibration, we are unaware we are doing it.
It is partially why we simply do not understand why some children cannot ‘be’ in certain spaces and places because of excess stimuli, noise, sights, emotions, why they engage in negative behaviors we do not understand or why they respond to seemingly simply tasks or moments in an exaggerated way; they are interpreting vibration at refined levels.

Contemplate the difficulty water and oil have becoming one.
Our children who have difficulty are like a purer form of water, trying to integrate with a denser liquid like oil.
Of course this is not completely accurate but our imagination can contemplate this analogy with more ease.
The wonderful news is, they knew this coming forth. They understood from non-physical or broader perspective the challenges they would experience and they also knew nor did they want to miss this time of awakening, neither did you. Now that they are in these beautiful bodies, they may or may not have this awareness, each child is different just as each of us is growing and awakening at differing levels and paces.

As each of us learns more about becoming in-tune within, becoming more authentic, becoming more mindful more often, which means you are present in your ‘now’ moment, not thinking about your past and beating yourself up about it or what will happen in the future and worrying, when you are thinking about this moment right here, right now and LOVING being in the moment. THAT is what we are all here to learn, to remember our brilliance and to reach for the stars and create the kind of world we want or desire living in. When we have the ability to love unconditionally, to see and view ourselves and others through the heart rather than the mind, to see ourselves through the eyes of Source, the Universe, All that is or that which I and many others call God, we have the ability to live the life we knew we wanted to live coming into these physical bodies. As we learn how to ‘BE’ this way, our children can learn from our example or, as in my case, I learned from our little Master Connor, yes it works both ways. He knew his mommy had forgotten or allowed worries to cover all she once knew and he helped and continues to help me uncover it. That is why, when you experience any negative emotion, you do not feel good. You know with everything you are, you are supposed to feel (GOoD), anything less will never do. With such great LOVE and appreciation, Tracie


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