A Light is Growing Brighter

Everywhere I go, everything I write, everything I ‘like’, everything I post here, on Facebook, Twitter (I’m learning), everywhere I ‘choose’ to look, the light from within each one of us is growing brighter. This IS what I choose to see from my perspective and Law of Attraction brings me more evidence of this, by the same token, if I watched the mainstream media, if I focus on the perception that is real to so many that our country is heading in the wrong direction, and yes I know, so many could show me evidence of our national debt, how much the government is wedging its way into our lives, I would see clips of the demonstrations all over the world of those who hate the United States, I get that. Being beautifully human I observe things that create discomfort or disharmony within my self and do my best to shift that discomfort as soon as possible. It is my perspective however, we are doing away with the old to make way for the new and indeed I recognize because the majority may be focusing upon all that is not going well, it very well may get more uncomfortable before more ease flows for all of us.

The world right now is a caterpillar becoming the butterfly and we are in the middle of this transition period. The caterpillar does not cocoon himself and emerge immediately with dry wings in which to take flight, it takes time. Time to find the perfect place to begin creating the cocoon, the creation of the cocoon, a ‘resting, sleeping’ period as the transition takes place, a gooey mess as the caterpillars body which served him incredibly well dissolves, a ‘drying’ out period as well as a breaking free from the cocoon and then emergence, spreading the wings and taking flight. It is a natural process that takes place within one single caterpillar at a time, a source driven, God-driven desire to evolve. The caterpillar does not stop evolving and say, “Nope, I am not going to evolve!” He does worry about the other caterpillars and what they are doing, comparing themselves to each other, it is an individual moment for one singular caterpillar.  The process simply is.

As we as a humanity embrace this process, this evolution, stop being concerned, worrying about the world and everyone else and turn inward. Focus on what you know to be true within, what are you doing to allow your personality, who you are to serve spirit, to allow the light within each of us to grow brighter……It does not matter what you are doing within your life experience, a doctor, a mother, a father, a nurse, a teacher, a salesperson, ask yourself, are you living authentically or through the eyes of others? Are you judging or are you serving? Are you allowing your light to shine like a beacon or are you covering it with guilt, shame, sadness, judgment, dominance over another, even our own children or any other negative emotion?

We have the opportunity to co-create with God how we emerge from our own cocoon and we create our inner/outer world with the thoughts we think. As you are evolving, you get to choose what you focus your attention upon, is it focused upon struggle, national or personal debt, war, violence, suffering, trying to get ahead, do you need others to behave so you can thrive? OR will you choose to turn inward, listen to the voice of God, Source, the Universe or All that is. Will you choose to live through the heart, filling up your heart with what you love so you can then radiate the light and love you were born to BE? You get to choose how you show up in the world.



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