Energy, Vibration, Intention Oh My!

We are all energy, our scientists will agree with this as they observe a single cell vibrating under a very high-powered microscope. We are all interpreters of vibration whether we are consciously aware of this or not. What we hear with our ears, feel with our touch, taste with our tongue or feel with our emotions are vibrational interpretations.

How we respond to anything within our life experience whether it is something as simple as spilling our coffee on the way out the door in the morning or the emotion we emit after someone cuts us off in traffic, sends out a ripple effect, a vibration; law of attraction acts as a boomerang of sorts, bringing back to us the same or ‘like’ energy/vibration we emit frequently. The more or similar energy/vibration we emit repetitively, the greater drawing power or emphasis is emitted or received, easily stated, like attracts like. My understanding and conscious awareness of this has shifted my life perspective from one I grew up with as a child into early adulthood, thinking I was unlucky, unable, less worthy, lacking knowledge from within, judgment of self and others or a victim mentality, which grew exponentially by the way. The more I experienced things not going my way, the more Law of Attraction gave me evidence of what I was thinking and feeling were correct (which I was not aware of at the time, Law of Attraction works whether we are aware of it or not, just like gravity). In my new-found awareness of being able to create in my life experience, that nothing was/is random, I was able to shift from a life which culminated into despair and depression into one of understanding, clarity, ability, love of self and others and the ability to move past judgment with ease and grace. Do I still have days of forgetting what I know, of course I, like you, being beautifully human have days that are not as optimum as I would prefer, even my response to those ‘off’ days is very different now, knowing I have the full ability or capability to shift my personal perspective.

My friends, we have the full ability to shift our thoughts from those that do not feel good, to thoughts that feel better as we ‘intend’ to do so and be, directing our thoughts toward things that feel wonderful as we ponder them. I know first hand of this ability which is why I so desire sharing it with anyone it resonates with. We as a humanity have only begun to tap into our magnificence, our brilliance to create the lives we all desire. With love and appreciation, Tracie


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