Spreading their wings….

Our eldest children, are no longer ‘babies’ but perhaps we still see them this way? Our middle child and eldest son showed interest in going to a dance at school as the new school year was well underway, I thought it was cute but held a twinge within my heart as he expressed asking a girl to go.
As I expressed this to my wonderful husband he reminded me, in my maternal eyes, I still see him as a baby and perhaps I need to remember and see him as the young man he is…..

I rebounded defensively by saying, “I know he is growing up, I don’t see him as a baby!” Leaving a question in my mind and heart. Hmmm, that was not the ‘mindful’, calm, neutral response I pride myself on BEing most of the time.  To shift focus off myself, I suggested our eldest child will be going and they will all be in a big group! Well, as long as she is not going with a date!” My wonderful husband and I switched places in a heartbeat, “Don’t you think she is too young for a date?!” Mind you, I met my husband when I was a mere 15, younger than our daughter is. My response I am not completely proud of and yet it was so beautifully human. Me: “Honey, perhaps you need to remember she is no longer a baby but the young lady she is!” “^.^” We both laughed as we recognized we held similar perspectives depending on which child we were speaking of.

Sending our children off into the world is not an easy action for loving parents. You do your best, give them the tools you hope and believe will be helpful and the rest is faith, faith in God, the Universe, All that is and of course faith in our children. I raise my coffee cup to you all, what a journey and I cherish every single moment of it, even the ones I do not always handle with ease and grace. My love, Tracie



  1. Linda Redinius

    Hi Tracie ~ This is your mom and I have to chuckle because when you were young, we had the same feelings as you are now experiencing. I think this is so cute for Chance especially since it means he is coming out of his little comfort zone. My love to the kids.

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