A New Day, Week, Month!

A brand new day, a brand new week, a brand new month! Right now in this moment, we get to choose how we show up in our world.
Do we drag our feet, lower our eye brows, groan and grumble?
Do we smile, think of all of the magnificent possibilities that are available to us when we are not preoccupied with all of those things that could go wrong?
You get to choose what you focus your attention upon.
I see a brand new beginning, I appreciate all of those things that did not go just right because now I have more clarity about how I DO want all things in my life to unfold.
I choose to see my brilliance, I choose to see the brilliance in those I come into contact with and because I am willing to see the beauty, life will continue to show me more to appreciate!
There, that settles nicely,

My love, Tracie ~


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