Practicing Extreme Self-Care

Today has been one of those days of practicing extreme self-care. Yep, we all have them and today is my day! I was feeling off last night, I thought I went to bed feeling good which I always try to do because I knew I did not want to marinate in negative emotion for several hours while I slept last night; something I have practiced for many years. It is obvious to me today, I did not quite get here and that is OK.
Here is the difference between today and a decade ago. In my days of feeling dis-empowered I would have taken a downward spiral, gone to bed and not gotten back up and I would have allowed the negative emotion to last for days, felt grumpy and thought I would forever be depressed, sad or any name you want to give negative emotion.
Today, I have been extremely gentle with myself, I recognize how I am feeling and know very well, tomorrow is a brand new day. Today I have said often, ‘I want to feel better’ and then I have done things to allow myself the opportunity to feel better, a walk, a cup of tea, a day filled with ease, doing what needs to be done for myself and my family; but I will not beat up on myself for not being on top of things or for lacking perceived perfection of the day. In fact, writing about it in this moment, I am feeling better.
My love and reminding you all to practice extreme self-care when needed, Tracie ~ ♥

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