I will feel better when…..

Why do we desire our children to be cured or ‘not’ have autism?

Because we believe if they did not have autism, if there was a cure for autism, we would feel SO much better and they would feel better as well.

But what if I told you, you could FEEL better in your journey no matter what you are observing?

You can, you have the power within you to FEEL better right now even with autism or anything else in your life.
You can feel empowered in your day or not. Are you giving your power away to another or to your problems or are you going to remember you and you alone have the power to control how you feel and what you place your attention and focus upon?
You can feel sad your child has autism, or find anything to appreciate about your precious little one.
You can feel good along the journey even if things do not shift or change quickly but here is what I know for certain……Once you no longer need anyone else to change who they are, what they are or do so you can feel better, you will begin to witness your world open up in ways you never knew were possible.
Once you no longer need your child to ‘BE’ different in order for you to feel good and enjoy your life right now, they will begin to feel and sense the shift in energy as well and that is where the magic happens between you!
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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