Practicing your power of influence ~

When our children are calm and we join them in the calm, neutral state of BEing, this offers us the ability to practice being calm more often in their presence. When they are having a moment of discomfort or even chaos, as we embody calm and neutral in the moment, our ability to sway or influence the moment is mighty.

If however, we offer an emotion which reflects their negative behavior, both you and your child or student are powerless in the moment. That is not the time to try to make it all better, just ride it out. As the energy level subsides within you and your child or student, then begin to practice laying the foundation of calm.

The more often you practice calm, neutral, breathing deeply, feeling your body relax often which is where your own stability lies, your ability to then influence your child or student is great!
Not only will you find your balance with your child, you will find your balance within life!
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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