Which Direction are you moving toward?

In any given moment we are in a constant state of motion forward, we cannot cease movement, expansion or evolution. You can tell by the way you are feeling, by your emotions if you are moving toward the bliss you desire or away from it; are you moving toward the peace you want within your life, or away from it? Are you moving in the direction of love and grace or away from it?

Our emotions are our indicators, our guidance within as we move forward in our life experience. You can tell by the way you feel in a moment if you are moving in the direction of grace or away from it. When you are feeling any negative emotion, whether it is sadness, anger, depression, judgment, hate, grumpy or even boredom, no matter what name you give the emotion that does not feel good to you, you are not allowing the well-being which is always flowing to you and through you to flow. Any negative emotion means you are not moving in the direction which will feel wonderful when you arrive at your desire or desired state of BEing.

When you are feeling or reaching for positive emotions, joy, happiness, love, ease and grace or contentment; you are moving in the direction, the space, place or state of BEing which will feel wonderful along your journey. You and you alone control your emotions, I recognize it may not feel that way because we have been trained to be observers of life rather than co-creators with God or the Universe, whatever you call the Divine. Understanding your ability to adjust your gaze upon any given moment creates the space for living life through the eyes of unconditional love. So, once again I ask, “Which direction are you moving toward?”



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