Do you practice yourself or create yourself?

Do you practice yourself or Do you create yourself? An odd question you have probably never been asked; but it is one worth your consideration. When we practice ourselves, we are reliving over and over what we have created within our minds over time, weaving those impressions others offered of you which may not resonate with you into your now reality. When you practice yourself you are including thoughts, feelings and emotions of yours and others, in your daily expression of yourself, reflecting what you are feeling within which you may or may not be aware of.

When you create yourself daily, you are being mindful of what you are expressing outwardly which is a reflection of what you are feeling within. When we create ourselves each day, we have the opportunity to shift and change our lives for the positive rather than reliving those old stories created by us or others which may no longer or have never served us. As you begin each new day you have the opportunity to pick and choose, those things which create a life full of happiness, you get to choose how you greet the day. Now, go out and create the life you imagine! “^.^” My love, Tracie


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