Our Promise to one another

Do you know what I think?
I think when we were in heaven, non-physical or where ever you believe we came from before we were born depending on your belief system, we knew there was a very good chance we would forget our brilliance because the majority of our parents had forgotten.
We recognized life would give us a variety of opportunities to focus upon and we may begin to focus upon those things

that do not feel as wonderful, we knew we may feel beaten up at times, tired, worn out and wondering why in the world do we need to continue?
So we made a pact; a promise among friends, sort of like heading to a wonderful vacation except we would be staying at different hotels, no worries we knew one day we would meet up once again and we would recognize one another by the way we made each other feel wonderful as we interacted in person or on something called the internet, blogs and Facebook, reminding each other of how wonderful we are at the core of our BEing, because we ARE!
THAT is what we are creating with one another and our beloved children are the catalysts for all of us meeting up.
We are incredible spiritual beings, playing in our human, physical bodies for just a little while for the growth and expansion of all that is. Joy is optional.
Knowing for certain I choose JOY,
Tracie……..join me! “^.^”

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