Finding his balance

photo origin unknown

Oh my, this photo reminds me of our Connor when he was a toddler! He would climb and climb and climb and climb and climb. Yes, at first I was scared, terrified!! My husband and I would run outside to have him climb down, we certainly could not get him, but I was becoming exhausted at trying to make him do what I wanted him to do, so I could feel better about him not ‘getting hurt’ should he fall. No parent wants their child to get hurt!!

Finally…..FINALLY I stopped. Of course I did not want him to fall and get hurt but I was a helicopter mom. I hovered and hovered over this strong-willed child. The more I hovered the more he was determined to stand in his defiance! Exhausted, I told my husband, I have to ‘let him’ BE! For my own sanity, I must allow him to do this.
Little did I know what a lesson in allowing and letting go this would BE!

Making the decision to allow him to climb and not force him to get down I was absolutely amazed at his balance.
He was one with the tree or his jungle gym, whichever he was climbing.
As I took a step back, Connor displayed such calm oneness with his own body.
As I became the observer of this child, so much calm came over me. He was not doing anything to make me crazy, he was climbing for the pure JOY of feeling his balance within his body.
I recognize some of our children have awkward moments but perhaps we could all take time to become the observer so they can show us their gifts no matter what they may be.
My love,
Tracie ~

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