The Universe is within

“Do not feel lonely. The entire Universe is inside you.” ~ Rumi

So often, parents of children with special needs feel so alone and isolated.
I have been there. Even with a house of 5 people and two dogs, neighbors and family, I felt so completely alone. I threw a birthday party not long after Connor was diagnosed with autism, I remember sitting in my chair, not wanting to engage in any activities, speaking with family and friends who took the time to come to one of our many gatherings. I sat there wishing they would all leave because they were a distraction to my loneliness I was feeling within. I recognize that does not make any sense, I knew it then but I could not pull myself out of the isolation. I found my way and so can you.

Whenever you have a moment, close your eyes and “Be” within yourself. Quiet your mind and thoughts; allow your shoulders to relax and take a deep breath.
I recognize this can be a challenge however, from my perspective, it is similar to giving oxygen to yourself first in case of an airplane emergency, so you can help another.
Isolation and loneliness, no matter what the reason is most certainly an illusion.
When you are able to contemplate and recognize this, you open the doors to possibilities you never knew were available to you before.
This journey you are on with your child is not supposed to be one of constant struggle, challenge and loneliness, it is one of self-discovery you would have never had an opportunity to discover had this path not come into your awareness.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥

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