I became curious

After Connor’s diagnosis of autism I wore myself out body and soul trying to make him better, make him typical or “normal” in my eyes and in the eyes of the world. Doctors, therapists and teachers did not seem to have the answers to help us in our daily life at home; it was out of sheer desperation I finally stopped pushing, forcing and moving forward without a plan and asked Connor, “What? What are you trying to show me? What are you trying to tell me? What can I do to help you each day? What am I supposed to learn?

Of course I knew Connor was not able to verbally tell me exactly what I needed to do to help both of us but by simply asking out of desperation, surprisingly the answers came. When I became curious about what to do and how to help him BE in our world, when I asked, becoming curious within and then I began looking for answers, I anticipated the ability to find answers, the answers came from everywhere. Sometimes it was an inspiration, sometimes someone suggested the perfect solution, it was thrilling for me to finally have some sort of direction even though it was a new way of being for me because I was no longer following the advice of the ‘experts’.  I found we are not able to arrive at the solutions by focusing on the problem but, by stating the question and then shifting into anticipation of the solution, the answer must come.

Stay curious my friend, “^.^”


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