Releasing my tight grip!

When Connor was diagnosed with autism, he lost the language he once had; the majority of his great frustration was at his inability to express what he wanted. Of course I wanted him to be able to speak, as his mother I wanted to ease his frustration. What is so interesting to me is, when I released my own discomfort, feeling okay if Connor never spoke words again, as I felt completely at ease within; it was as if I released that tight hold I had on my desire for him to speak, THEN he began to speak. It was a shift in my energy/vibration from one of angst, holding on with a tight grip to one where I felt ease within my entire being. When I got passed my grief of a diagnosis of autism, releasing my tight grip on what I could not control I felt ease sweep over me. I recognized we could try sign language or facilitated communication, I knew we could do something to help him to communicate.

This is why my message is one of creating ease within yourself, releasing that feeling within us as parents to try to control what is truly uncontrollable because it is within that….absence of holding on things begin to flow with such ease. Within releasing our negative emotion no matter what label you give it, fear, frustration, sadness, guilt, anger, as you release the negative, you allow opportunity to flow to you and through you which allows you to facilitate exactly what your child needs. Once again I am amazed, what I have done and facilitate this knowing for others often moves my heart and spirit beyond words and that is exactly what our children lack at least initially. Perhaps for the very same reason.

My love and complete ease, Tracie <3<3


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