THANKSgiving Month

The entire month of November, I am amping up my appreciation muscle. If you desire being happy, it does take some practice and I realized, although I LOVE my life, I have gotten out of the habit of basking in a big way like I have in the past. Each night I do bask and appreciate as I drift off to sleep but I have not sat to write my appreciation lists or in my journal in quite a while. Last night I began and today I was absolutely amazed at the synchronicities that came into my life today that made me SMILE SO BIG! It was simply undeniable how many times I was being given the GIFT of happy moments! Over and over and over I observed little things throughout my day and I KNEW it was the Universe or that which I call God, showing off for me, just for ME!

Won’t you JOYn me? Take just a few minutes tonight to sit and write things you appreciate that happened within your day. It is OK if you cannot find many things at first, like I mentioned above, it does take practice. Just like our physical muscles our positive thought muscle needs time to become strong!

If you have difficulty, think about the air that fills your lungs, your heart that pumps blood, the sun rose this morning and you did not need to get out of bed to do it, little things make a BIG difference!

Give it a try, I know for a fact being grateful, appreciating IS a life changer for the awesome.

With great love and appreciation,


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