Like Dandelion Seeds ~

We are like dandelion seeds, as we fill our hearts with love and joy, when we are ready, the wind will carry us on its back to spread more love and JOY! (Thank you to my friend Suzy for the dandelion inspiration, I SO appreciate you!)

Every morning after I drop my Connor off at school, I see a young man from my neighborhood walking on one of the main streets.
Yes he has autism and every morning he walks with a spring in his step and a SMILE on his face! I become happy observing him.
I always wondered where he walks to each morning? Is it just for exercise? Is he going to a specific destination?

I just began volunteering a few hours a week with our local seniors and guess what? My happy neighbor volunteers a few hours a week at the same place!
To me, this is a lovely synchronicity. The opportunity to be in a place that is near and dear to my heart, meeting someone who makes my heart smile, being of service together. Planting more seeds of peace, love, joy and smiles to grow and one day be carried off once again to create more happiness!
Hurray for living life mindfully, appreciation of all things and allowing life to show me, all of us how magnificent if can BE!
LOVE and appreciation,
Tracie ~ ♥

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