I am one who LOVES synchronicity. To me, when I observe synchronicity it makes me smile broadly. When I witness synchronicity it allows me to know and recognize All is Well, things are right on track, everything always works out for me. When I see a loving or kind gesture, it is a reminder or proof to me of what I desire experiencing more of within my life. When I see a magnificent home or gorgeous sleek car, rather than wishing it was mine or feeling badly because I do not have that particular one, I choose to see it as evidence of my own alignment with my desires. I say, “Yes, more of this please!”

When we decide or become aware of our ability to become deliberate creators within our life experiences, when we recognize we create a happy life with the direction of our thoughts, often people, including myself get hung up when we stop to take score of where we are compared to where we want to be. When we stop to take stock of where we are and measure how far we are from our desires, that action slows the momentum of what we desire coming to us. We are taught to ‘face reality’, to quit daydreaming (I was a BIG daydreamer as a child and I have returned to daydreaming), or not to use our imagination because we have our heads in the clouds; as a deliberate creator, it is just the opposite. Never face reality unless what you are observing is what you want more of within your life and use your imagination or daydream your desires into being, that is what our imaginations are for!

All of us must pay bills, feed our families and take care of the daily necessities but, when you have time, upon waking in the morning, as you drift off to sleep, moments during the day; walking, enjoying coffee or a cup of tea, use your imagination to create wonderful feelings within yourself. It does not take much time to shift our thoughts within ourselves and the more you practice, the easier it will become. Then you want to look for anything and everything to appreciate. That is when you begin to notice synchronicity’s and if you can suspend reality for just a little bit the pendulum will swing and you will be living more of what you desire. Notice those things whether it is material objects or how you feel during certain experiences. Anything that brings up wonderful feelings within you, ponder, bask and appreciate that. Play more, enjoy more, relax more, do what needs to be done and then use the remainder of your time to enjoy life. You can prove to yourself what a wonderful, powerful creator you are within your life experience.

My love,



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