Day 9 of Mindful Appreciation

Day 9 of our Thanksgiving month of appreciation!
I seem to be drawn to my senior friends.
I love delivering Meals on Wheels, I experienced first-hand the absolute beauty of Hospice when my neighbor transitioned and I continue to seek volunteering with my senior friends via local senior community centers.

I am struck, gobsmacked, by the synchronicity’s I have been experiencing, specifically the past 9 days of purposeful,   keeping my appreciation/pleasure journal.Today it happened again, a string of beautiful synchronicity’s at the local senior center.

Last week, I found my neighbor/friend I see walking each morning after taking Connor to school, volunteering at the same senior center.
This week, I met another young man who volunteers with the seniors as well.
I recognized him from the high school where two of our children attend.
As I approached his aide to express my appreciation of seeing him and recognizing him from the high school, I realized I knew this woman, we recognized one another. She worked with Connor when Connor was newly diagnosed.
We hugged and shared our excitement over life in the brief time we were together this morning.
I recognized this young man as the boy whose mother transitioned suddenly just a few years ago.
As I spoke to him, I felt my heart well up with so much love and joy for this young man, I knew undeniably I was feeling the presence of his mom, pouring her love for her son through me.
So many thrill bump moments were experienced today.
Although Autism and Alzheimer’s are not the same, there are striking similarities between some of the challenges of those diagnosed with autism and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so I recognize it is not an accident in my desire to volunteer so much with a larger group of seniors.
For someone who loves to write, sometimes there are no words for the exquisite moments you experience. Today was one of them.
I hope you are making your lists of pleasure or appreciation because I am once again being shown the perfection of focusing on all of the beauty within life, even though I know this very well.
My love and appreciation,
Tracie ~ ♥


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