Tuning Your Frequency

What? This month of November, being Thanksgiving month here in the U.S.A. I have decided to renew my appreciation for appreciation/pleasure! I know for certain this practice is a life changer because I have been able to prove this to myself and I am sharing this with family and friends because of the proven effect within my own life. We all seem to be searching for ‘the missing piece’ within our lives. What if it wasn’t/isn’t missing? What if it is there, within our reach and we simply need to ‘tune’ ourselves to the frequency of it?

I do remember initially when I began writing in my ‘appreciation/pleasure journal’ more than a decade ago, it was very difficult because I was dealing with depression, a very different ‘radio frequency’ than appreciation but little by little I found my way out. When you first begin writing things you appreciate, please be gentle with yourself as you begin. It may flow very easily, however if you are not accustomed to appreciation, if you are experiencing depression or just feeling you are in a space/place of great discomfort, it would serve you so well to understand you must ‘tune’ yourself, your energy, your vibration to this new-found frequency. Just as you cannot hear your favorite radio station if you are on a completely different station.

We are all energy/vibration, what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, taste with our taste buds, feel with our touch are vibrational interpretations. We are SO GOOD at being vibrational interpreters we are unaware we are doing so.

As you begin finding things within your day or your life to appreciate, recognize in the beginning, it is okay if you have a difficult time trying to find many things. Begin with just five, the air that fills your lungs, the blood that pumps through your body to start, that IS how I began appreciating at first because it was so difficult to find things to appreciate while I was in such a deep dark tunnel of depression and despair, because I was tuned to a very different frequency. It is my promise to you as you begin this practice and continue with it, because only YOU can do this for you, you will begin to notice things during your day you can add to your journal. Before you know it life will begin to knock itself out to show you wonderful things to appreciate.

With great love and appreciation,



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