Our Perception Creates

I so appreciate within my own life experience the lessons Connor has taught me and continues to teach me. What I have found is, they are life lessons which applies to all of us, yet in our individual perspectives, the lessons come in various ways and because of free will, we have the ability to learn from and apply these lessons or not.

I recognized the friction that was created as I tried to impose my desire(s) of what I wanted Connor to do, he was responding to me and I was responding to him, often blaming him for the discomfort I was experiencing because he would not be who I wanted him to be or do what I wanted him to do. As parents we run into this often, with a typical child, we use our might, force, guilt or removal of things that are wanted to get our typical children to do what we want them to do. “Just do what I want you to do because I am your parent, that’s why!” Negating all respect our children deserve rather than working toward a way of being that creates true harmony, love, respect and uplifts our children rather than wearing them down.

My husband and I recognized early on, this would not work on our Connor. If we tried to use old parenting models on Connor, it often amplified the situation in a negative way. We recognized we had to find a new way of parenting, of being, of creating ease and flow within our life experience if we wanted contentment and joy on a daily basis. The upside is, our ‘typical’ children are also living with parents who desire respect, love, peace and joy as well and so far so good, we are all living a harmonious life. More than a decade out of diagnosis, we live a life full of ease, joy, love and contentment so, we have found balance in a way that serves us very well. That does not mean life is perfect, far from it but we now refocus how we view anything that comes into our experience based upon what we are observing and living. It truly feels as though we are creating a new paradigm, a new parenting template for not only our own family but one humanity is evolving into.

I admit it was mostly out of desperation that I began to recognize Connor’s determination that I became willing to cease motion forward.
Sometimes that is the only way we finally come into awareness, by surrendering. Our ultimate knowing, our birthright is knowing we are FREE, we are so free we can and often do choose bondage. This is true of all of our children as well, they know at the core of their being they are free and our children diagnosed with autism are not as easily persuaded to give up their freedom, which is a gift to humanity.Although it was not clear-cut for me, it took some time for this mom to ‘get it’, once I began to receive the understanding little by little, it became so obvious to me what he was teaching me about. I began to learn to mold my own energy, to create my own energy, to flow my own energy. It is very subtle but incredibly real and it is my understanding, my awareness, all of us are evolving in this way. I began to understand; how I choose to view the world becomes the reality I am living, how I choose to perceive everyone and everything is what I create within my life experience.
I smile in this moment because once again I am aware some may not ‘choose’ to recognize this early on because often, we need others to experience and speak of it before we ‘allow’ it to come into our own personal experience, either way, it is perfect. I have no desire to persuade anyone of my knowing, we each view life through our own prism, all is in perfect order.
It allows me to appreciate this knowing, this understanding in such a magnificent way(s).
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. Dear Traci, I get where you are going with this. My situation, my problem(s) with Katie is, first and foremost, that I am having to confront some very deeply embedded societal and cultural mores as to how children are to be raised. In the years that your Aunt Barb and I have had Katie, I, we, have grown to be very different people, in-as-much, as I learned that I simply am not going to “fall-on-every-sword,” as in days past, this, with my own children. It would take just too long to go into detail. Not least of which I would probably sound whiney. Maybe even confused, befuddled. 🙂 Keep up your good work. And I hope some day to see you again.

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