Your Power of Influence

In the moment of our child’s tantrum is not the time to try and ‘fix’ anything or anyone, that is the time to become calm, to breathe, to feel your body and mind move into a state of ease and separate ‘you’ from the chaos, not to remove yourself physically but set an intention to remove your energy from the energy of the tantrum, ride out the tantrum or discomfort with as much ease as you can find within yourself. By responding in any way other than calm and neutral you are adding or amplifying negative energy to the moment which will take more time to subside. If you are in a public place, do what must be done and recognize you will leave as soon as you can. Take strangers out of the equation, what they say or think does not matter unless you allow their thoughts, actions and words into the moment. Easier said than done but that is only because you must practice this way of BEing.

When all is calm, contemplate the feeling of that calm and ease. When your child and family are in moments of peace and ease, that is the time to amplify the feelings you are experiencing in your now moment.
Express verbally and energetically to your child how much you appreciate when all is calm, when you are calm, when your child is calm and how you desire all of you to ‘feel’ this way more often.

The more you practice, appreciate and amplify those moments of calm, the more power you have in the moments of chaos.
I am not speaking of power to control, but power of influence.
It is subtle to be certain but your work is to fine-tune and amplify those moments that ‘feel’ good as you observe them!
Tracie ~ ♥


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