Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Today in the United States is the ‘ultimate’ day of giving thanks and yet, I have learned being grateful and appreciating everything in life ‘IS’ the ultimate way of living a life full of joy, abundance, peace and LOVE!

It may sound trite, only because we have never been taught a mostly positive way of living life, if you think back generations, you recognize the struggle and strife the masses have been through but if you truly begin to practice appreciation of everything that is going well within your life, only ‘you’ can do this for ‘you’, you will begin to see the power you wield over your own life.
I am not speaking of the power to dominate others although many wish they could, they often wish this because they are feeling powerless, fearful or completely helpless, I am speaking of leverage within your own life that has been untapped by the masses for generations…..thousands of years.

We have been told we are less than, we are not worthy and yet, nothing can be further from the truth. You are worthy of a magnificent life.
Our Love,
Tracie and the entire Carlos clan ~ ♥


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