Beyond Words ~

healing-handsOne of my true enjoyments in life is spending time with my senior friends. Their wisdom, their ease, there is no rushing within them; they have lived it and at ‘their’ time of life, there is a laid back sort of feeling within them. I recognize this stems from my mom taking me to visit my great-grandparents as a child, such wonderful memories of spending time with them while my mom ‘set’ my great-grandmothers hair and enjoyed a beer with salt sprinkled in it with my great-grandfather on their front porch.

I am very aware of energy and becoming more aware all the time. Our intuition, our knowing, our awareness is something we all have access to, to varying degrees but nearly all of us were never encouraged or told how to fine-tune, how to read energy, some of us even suppressed our knowing to ‘fit in’. We have all had moments of thinking of someone and they call us or show up in our experience very soon after our ‘thought’ of them; that is a ‘sensing’knowing, hearing or perhaps seeing energy or vibration. We have all experienced being with a person who was wonderful and we felt great after our interaction with them, conversely we have all experienced moments when someone is grumpy or in a bad or negative mood and we feel that heaviness as we leave their presence. We are all energy, vibration, everyone and everything and what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses are our interpretations of energy. We are so good at interpreting energy we are not aware we are doing this at every waking moment of our lives.

I was visiting my senior friends at a senior center and came in contact with one lady who had had a stroke, she is very soft spoken, difficult to hear and has difficulty expressing her words and yet, when I have the absolute pleasure of interacting with her, so much more is exchanged in vibration or energy. In fact, as I interacted with her one day, I had the awareness, the ability, the knowing and saw in that moment……I saw my energy imprint upon her energy and hers to mine.

I knew in that moment this is what happens day after day, moment after moment, with every person, place or thing to and through all of us. It is also something that is difficult to express in words which is slightly amusing to me because I have a child with autism who had and often has difficulty expressing language. I had to learn through trial and error how to interpret his needs through energy and vibration, rather than relying on speech and language. Now I am being given a gift of recognizing how our energy is passed to and through all of us and all things. This is what is meant by living consciously, aware, mindful, rather than unconsciously or unaware.

BIG subject I know but I felt so compelled to share with anyone willing to contemplate this because it is my belief this is the direction we are moving as a humanity. We are evolving friends and if you take mere moments to recognize those synchronicity’s that come about in your day, more will be shown to you!! We are dropping the facade of all we are not and stepping into who we really are! Each moment is an opportunity to leave a wonderful energy imprint within your environment, upon another or anywhere you go.




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