You are the Light, did you forget?

65121_446240528773398_925037846_nEach and every one of us IS the LIGHT, the light of God, the light of the Universe, the light of Source, for generations we have labored under the illusion that we are less than, we are not worthy, we must struggle, we must work hard and then if we are lucky we will live a prosperous life.

When you observe newborns, you can sense their angelic presence, they still have the breath of the angels around them. They sleep longer while they acclimate to their new denser, physical environment, a sort of dimming or masking of the light.  Toddlers still have a spring in their step because they have not yet been trained away from their remembrance of their brilliance, they have not been trained to face reality as their parents were and will do their best to direct their children toward what they perceive as ‘real’ and that they are less than, simply because we believe that is what a good parent does.

In our attempt to face the problems/darkness of life rather than looking toward the solution/light, we have forgotten we are the light, we are the light we have been waiting for. We are God in human form and any belief that is less than that feels flawed to us. It is time to re-awaken your brilliance, your magnificence, to remember you are a co-creator within your life experience. It is time to remember to focus upon all that is going well, appreciate your life and all things, release judgment of self and others because as you focus upon what is not going well, we are including it within our creating experience. Amplify what is wanted, focus upon what you desire, appreciate what is going well, appreciate who you really are, practice shining your light when you are feeling wonderful and if you are having a difficult day, do only what must be done and practice extreme self-care the rest of the day. Focus, BE and live in LOVE because anything less than love is void of the light you are.

All is Well,  Tracie


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