Your Energy


When our children are having a difficult time, are anxious, nervous or agitated, what is your emotional state as you observe this?
Do you ‘feel’ yourself, your energy rise in a state of emotion that meets the difficulty, nervousness, agitation or challenge or are you able to take a mental step back, take a deep breath and separate your emotions from the moment?

It may seem like something small taking into consideration your own emotional state but your presence adds energy to the moment, the question becomes, does it add to your child’s discomfort or are you able to be neutral as you support your child?

It does take practice, especially if you are used to becoming nervous, angry or agitated while you are in public and your child has a meltdown. I have been there so I recognize what you may be feeling however I have also been able to shift my energy enough, when Connor has a difficult time, I shift into calm, neutral mode and Connor responds in kind. Take everyone else out of your focus, take your calm cleansing breath and then you can focus upon your child.
At this stage Connor’s difficulty never lasts very long and what was at one time meltdowns that happened several times a day are now happening very rarely.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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  1. love the snow and blue background!

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