The Present

Christmas_present_19_mediumHaving a child diagnosed with autism has truly been a gift within my life, it has taught me to be present in my day, in each moment.
In truth, I did not always see autism this way but I suppose that is what makes the gift all the more valuable to my heart.
Had this so-called disability not come into our lives, we would have taken a very different course in life, one in which would not have been nearly as meaningful as the one we have been gifted. Perhaps this is exactly why we are given challenges within our lives, an opportunity, a gift, a choice or decision to be made whether it is a disability, a disease or anything we deem as a challenge or hardship.

When we can remember it is not what we are given but how we move forward that is the key.
Do we embrace it, recognizing life is going in direction we did not anticipate, knowing, trusting from deep within us we are being given an opportunity or chance to see what life has to offer, allowing it to fill our hearts OR push it away and try to change it?What a perfect time to embrace the gifts life has to offer all of us.
You do not need to know all of the answers for tomorrow, next year or ten years from now, knowing this moment, the ‘present’ is the one you need to focus upon is enough.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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