Part of an Evolutionary Step for Mankind

60877_572108689473387_668696249_nFrom my personal perspective, when anyone says their child is severely autistic, I actually ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘know’ their child as highly sensitive or energetically sensitive, the direction we are moving as a humanity, an evolutionary step for mankind.

I recognize many may see one who is severely autistic as disabled, because we have been taught/conditioned to see one who may not have the ability to do things as those of us who believe we are ‘typical’ can do but it is quite the contrary.
As we begin to shift from believing they can only do ‘less than’ we have the ability to shift the perspective of humanity to ‘see’ our children’s ability to BE more than the norm.We are shifting as a humanity. Our children diagnosed with autism are amplified human beings, all of their senses are heightened which is why they often have difficulty with sensory overload within the five senses we are all aware of, our sixth sense more and more people are coming ‘in-tune’ with, sensing, feeling, knowing and our seventh sense which is rapidly becoming a tangible reality for many, all of us at various degrees of knowing and it is perfect wherever you are within your own process or life.I cannot help but feel light, excited, elated and thrilled about what is unfolding for all of humanity.
My love,
Tracie ~ ♥


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